The registered Non-Profit Organisation Dignity South Africa was founded as a consequence of Sean Davison’s arrest in New Zealand in September 2010 on an attempted murder charge. In a leaked book manuscript, he admitted to giving his terminally ill mother Patricia Ferguson, 85, a lethal dose of morphine. During his High Court jury trial Davison was cleared of attempted murder after agreeing to plead guilty to a lesser charge of assisted suicide, for which he was sentenced to a five month house arrest sentence.
Since then Prof. Davison champions a law change in South Africa to save others the bitter and sorrowful experience he had to endure.

Read Sean’s Story for more details.

Public Forum: Euthanasia – The Right to Die with Dignity
The Auditorium in Conference Park, Midrand (Johannesburg), South Africa
25th September 2011, 11.30am

Welcome from the Chair: Mrs Antoinette Ehmke
Opening Address: Prof. Sean Davison, Head of Forensic DNA Laboratory, University of the Western Cape

Prof. Melodie Slabbert: Professor of Law, University of South Africa
Prof. Willem Landman: Executive Director of the Ethics Institute South Africa
Dr Jon Larson: FRCOG, representing Doctors for Life
Mrs Janet Williams: President of the National Executive Committee of SAVES – The Living Will Society
Dr Andra Le Roux-Kemp: Summary of the issues

Different Points of View (presented at the launch – 4min. 58sec.)

Sean Davison’s Story (of caring for his dying mother – 6min. 48sec.)

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